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They are the healers of the soul, with their love for music and their family, they bring in their performance a message of union, hope and faith that dreams come true. Is a beautiful musical proyect from family to familiy, The gordom it´s conformed by  EKA, "She is the voice of Caribbean´s Colombian folklore" EKA, Expopstar in a reality show and recognized as the singer of SIDESTEPPER, a pioneering electro folklore band in Colombia with which she has traveled the world on concert tours, representing her country since in 2003. She has represented her country  with her solo project  too since in 2008 in many festivals like  Viña del Mar,  Vic  mercat, and co-producer of her first album "CAMINO MI" in 2015, the last album by SIDESTEPPER “SUPERNATURALLOVE” 2016, named ambassador at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the campaing "feel the rhythm  in 2017, now she walks the Colombian stages with her family, with whom she brings a unique, fun performance with the authenticity that characterizes her, and their family her husband RENALDO GORDOM, he´s a master, musical producer and networker,  and their children MIGUEL ANGEL, TAMARA Y MÍA GORDOM, all of them are passionate for music, they have participated in several festivals of children's and family music including Totona Power Fest, Lollipop in Bogotá; In 2019, they were on a tour of the Colombian Caribbean, invited to the Carnival of the Arts in the Plaza de la aduana de Barranquilla and in magangué, at the Women's Fair Expo, as well as the celebration of Afro-Latin Women in Bogotá. 

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